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Healthy Action

499 Blue Knob Rd,

Blueknob, NSW, 2480


Ph: 02 8006 0947 (Aus)

Office Hours: Mon - Frid (9am - 5pm)


EMAIL: support@healthyaction.com.au


We are an Australian owned and family run business. At first we began the use of grape seed extract on a personal level, but after a short period the health virtues of grape seed extract become self evident to us that we felt obliged to get this product out to others also - hence for becoming distributors of this powerful health promoting product.

Our grape seed products are sourced from a company that meets the highest requirements for both quality and purity of product, thus one can be assured that the quality of our products are second to none.

As our product is sourced from a GMP and HACCP Certified company, peace of mind is gauranteed.


Feel free to write us with any testimonials that you may have regarding this product - we would love to hear them!


Note: All emails are replied to within a span of 1 working day - usually earlier. Feel free to contact us with any question or  query that you may have regarding our grape seed products and how best to use this supplement. 


To good health!